Agregado: A Free WordPress Theme From SmashingMagazine

Agregado: A Free WordPress Theme From SmashingMagazine

SmashingMagazine recently released Agregado Lifestream Theme — a free professional WordPress-theme.


  1. Lifestream module with carousel
  2. Custom archives page
  3. Animated js dropdown menus
  4. Built-in contact form module with AJAX sent/fail message
  5. Built-in drop caps for lead paragraphs
  6. Numerical pagination on archive and search pages
  7. Author-highlighting for comments
  8. User profile module
  9. Widgetized bottom bar on homepage
  10. Widgetized sidebar on single post pages
  11. Print stylesheet
  12. ‘More in this Category’ sidebar module
  13. Control panel options for lifestream and contact form

The theme is absolutely free !
You can use the theme for all your projects for free and without any restrictions.

Live demo : Agregado Lifestream Theme
Source : SmashingMagazine

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