New Feed : MotherTheme

New Feed : MotherTheme

We added a new feed to the Premium WordPress Themes section called MotherTheme

MotherTheme: Not Just Another Pretty Theme …

I don’t know of too many other WordPress premium themes that you can turn around and resell for a profit, as a download. OK, I don’t know of any!

But with MotherTheme you can.

That means if you are in a pinch and need to find a way to start generating cash online, you can use MotherTheme to do it in several ways …

  1. You can use MotherTheme to start your web design business, using it as the groundwork for every design project (SLOW but VERY PROFITABLE!*)
  2. You can resell MotherTheme as a download (FAST and PROFITABLE!*)
  3. You can resell the resale rights to MotherTheme (FAST and VERY PROFITABLE!*)

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