WooThemes’ First Birthday !

WooThemes’ First Birthday !

WooThemes at amazingly low prices !

  • Buy any Standard Package theme for only $15;
  • Buy any Developer Package theme for only $25.

Here’s the rules:

  1. You have to own another Standard Package, Developer Package or Club Subscription from WooThemes to be eligible for this promotion.
    This promotion is thus not available for new purchases on the 9th, even though you can buy any themes (for a new account) at the normal rate and then qualify to buy another theme on this promo.
  2. Each user is limited to purchasing only one of these promo’s (either a Standard or Developer Package).
  3. The permanent 2-for-1 (on Standard Packages) and permanent 3-for-1 (on Developer Packags) aren’t applicable.
  4. The promotion is only available for a period of 24 hours and will officially close at midnight on 9 July (GMT – 10). No exception will be made in extending this offer.

Don’t waste a minute and visit WooThemes now !

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