Playmaker : A Premium WordPress Theme from StyleWP

Playmaker : A Premium WordPress Theme from StyleWP

Playmaker is a News & Media Publishing portal. It features comprehensive theme control panel (74 settings), built-in users guide, widgetised area, integrated adverts & video, dynamic drop-down menu, multiple promotional blocks & integrated shoutbox and news ticker.

Live Demo : Playmaker
Source : StyleWP


  1. Amanda says:

    I would advise against using StyleWP as a vendor for anything as their support does not exist I have tried to get ahold of support have over 5 tickets in with no response I have called there phone number ( which not longer takes messages Voice Mail Full – I wonder if other customers are complainting ) so take a word of advice STAY AWAY

  2. You are correct. Stylewp is a complete joke. no response to tickets since april. what a disgrace

  3. M.Miller says:

    To say StyleWP/StudioBurst is a joke of a “company” is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

    Just under a month ago (July 26, 2009) I purchased both the MovieMaker and Playmaker 3 themes from this so-called ‘company” only to receive incomplete files and NUMEROUS empty promises to send the correct files. they even had the audacity to send “extra” themes (which did not have the correct XML files as well…) and offer to install the themes for for free.

    After literally sending 20 emails (and one week later…) to StyleWP I FINALLY got a response after I explained that I would be contacting my bank. Like a fool, I trusted these losers (AGAIN) and cancelled the bank claim I had regarding getting a refund Thinking perhaps they’ll do the right thing. NOPE! the following week was even worst.

    What’s more is it has now been nearly a month since I first purchased their themes and those jerks STILL have not gotten back to me, nor have they offered a refund!

    My advise? DO-NOT-PURCHASE ANYTHING from StyleWp EVER!

    They are a bunch of low-life devils, scamming peope over the internet and God knows where else!

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